Behind the brand - Mario Veneti

Mario Veneti is a young Croatian entrepreneur - a carpenter by profession, who decided over a decade ago to start his own brand - Hemmens Hammock. Initially, the brand was called Hemmens Hammocks by Vens - Mario’s nickname which his friends still call him by today. 

Incorporating Vens into the brand name showed how intertwined Mario’s name was with the brand he created as it reflected his own lifestyle and personality - active, nature lover, and practical. The brand today stands for the same - producing equipment for people that are spending time outdoors, respecting the natural environment, and want to have the most practical, durable, and easy-to-use equipment while doing so. 

Mario is a skillful carpenter with plenty of experience working on all kinds of creative projects over the years. The ideas he had for Hemmens Hammock in terms of creativity and practicality are also visible in his carpenter work. Whether designing and building a kitchen from scratch or creating a festival backdrop, there is a distinct style Mario developed in his work. 

How did it all start with hammocks? 

Mario bought his first sewing machine in the local flea market and soon enrolled in a sewing workshop where he learned all the basics of sewing and continued perfecting his craft on his own. Mario can confidently say that he knows everything about Hemmens Hammock products as he designed them, chose the materials, and created them - he quite literally knows every stitch. It took a lot of testing, trial, and error to perfect the products and now Hemmens Hammock can proudly say that our hammocks and all other products are durable, safe to use, compact, comfortable, and practical.

With years to come, Mario will surely expand Hemmens Hammock product range with the same amount of dedication and creativity he used in his work thus far.