Hammocking is a lifestyle

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that we here at Hemmens support any lifestyle that promotes active outdoor living especially when including hammocks. Hammocking is essentially setting up your hammock anywhere outdoors with a friend or several people each in their own hammock. It can be as simple as just hanging out, napping, relaxing, or swinging together. 

Some of the benefits of hammocking are as follows:

1. The first one being the one we already mentioned and that is the opportunity to hang your hammock anywhere and at any time. You can set up a hammock in the woods, your local park, the beach and so on. It can be an activity you do with your friends during your work break or an actual planned trip you take with them.

2. Hammocks are stackable and thus even more fun to enjoy with a group of friends. The only thing you need to do is find the right tall trees, stack three or four hammocks above one another and hang out! :)

3. Our hammocks are ultralight and great for traveling as you can easily transport them on your hiking, trekking or biking trips. Even more, hammocks can be great for your pets too when they accompany you on your trips in nature.

4. Hammocking is also perfect for spending time together with your family or friends while enjoying nature and outdoor activities. Learning to respect the environment is our top priority as hammocking also means leaving as little of a carbon footprint as possible. 

Anything you could possibly need for hammocking you can find on our website, so go ahead and check out our product range.