Hemmens Hiking Accessories

Hemmens Hammock's staple products are hammocks (OBVIOUSLY!), whether they are made from polyester, ripstop or cotton, Hemmens signature design stays the same. With that said, we wanted to adhere to wider audience and expand our product range to include all essential accessories you might need on your outdoor adventures. 

Our gear is meant for all people that are spending time camping, hiking or hammocking and want to have the most practical, durable, and easy-to-use equipment while doing so. Although our products are great for customers with active lifestyles (one might say professionals), they are so easy to use and thus ideal for begginers too. 

So, wondering what we got? Let's begin!


Tarps, tarps and more tarps

Our summer tarp is lightweight and durable. It's fit to use for summer weather conditions - sun, light rain and wind. Hexagonal tarp is ideal for professionals and can be used all-year-round. While, winter tarp is essentially like a tent and provides protection in extreme weather conditions. 


Mosquito net

All-around protection during hot summer days. Hemmens net keeps away all mosquitos and bugs and lets you have a peaceful night of sleep.


Front pocket, dry bag or fleece stuff sack

Front pocket sits right on your chest and is attached to your backpack. It comes in handy for smaller stuff you carry around. Dry bag is made of ripstop nylon and keeps your stuff safe in light rain. And fleece stuff sack is used as a bag and also like a carry on pillow to make hammocking as comfortable as possible.



Used to provide a consistent lay when hammocking. It runs overhead and connects both ends of the hammock


Top quilt and underquilt fleece

Whether you use it as a blanket on top of your hammock or it hangs under it, heat loss reduction is guaranteed. 


 P.S. You find it, we make it!

If you find any gear you'd like, let us know and and we'll see if we can make it for you. Go to our shop to see what we got.