How to choose your hammock?

We have made it our mission to ease the whole purchase process for our customers, so that’s why we HIGHLY recommend reading this post to figure out what exactly you need and how to acquire it.

When you choose a hammock there are a couple of things to consider. The first and most important being the purpose for which you’ll need your hammock or to put it more simply: What are you buying the hammock for?

Hemmens hammocks are made from polyester & ripstop nylon or cotton. Our Starter Hammock is made from polyester which is quite a durable and light fabric, and it will be a perfect choice for anyone just getting into outdoor activities and hammocking.

On the other hand, for more experienced outdoor enthusiasts or ones looking to invest long-term, we suggest buying our RipStop Hammock. RipStop Hammock is made from ripstop nylon and it is the lightest, most durable and rip proof material available for travel hammocks. It can endure different weather conditions and terrains.

And lastly, made from 100% cotton our Cotton Hammocks can become your back-yard staple. 

Oh and…

After figuring out whether you need Starter or RipStop Hammock, all you have to do is pick the color that best suits your ‘style’. Starter Hammock comes in 9 color variants: Orange, Green, Black, Light Gray, Olive Green, White, Red, Blue, Dark Blue.



RipStop Hammock comes in 16 cool color variants with even cooler names: White Unicorn, Black Widow, Red Balloon, Gray Mouse, Pink Lips, Purple Devil, Purple Haze, Yellow Jello, Orange Heart, Orange Fire, Green Tree, Green Grass, Green Frog, Royal Blue, Robin Hud and Azure Skies. 


P.S. Baby Hammocks and Storage Hammocks are made from ripstop polyester. Baby Hammock comes with straps and toggles and it is used for… well babies and dogs, while storage hammock comes without straps and toggles as it’s usually used as a add-on-pocket to your original hammock.

If you'll need any more information, do not forget we'd love to help you!