How to find the perfect spot for your hammock

Hemmens’ mission is to produce the best, quality products with incredible durability, so our customers can be comfortable and safe while living their best outdoor lifestyles. However, in order to make sure our hammocks are used in the right way, which will prolong their durability, we bring you a couple of tips and tricks on finding the best spots for tying your hammocks. 


Let's start with the basics - what is a hammock? 

Hammock is a swinging bed usually made of netting or canvas and slung by cords from supports at each end.

Hemmens Hammocks are made with three different types of materials: polyester nylon, ripstop nylon and cotton. Polyester and ripstop nylon is an ideal material for use in nature or more precisely for people that are hiking, bilking or camping enthusiasts as it is lightweight and also durable. Basically, it is a hammock for any outdoor scenario. On the other hand, cotton hammocks are meant for swinging couches or beds in your backyard and apartment, and are also more aesthetically pleasing. 




How to find the perfect spot

Hemmens Hammock's most important feature is the no-knots-needed hardware suspension system meaning our hammocks have an aluminium toggle for which you don’t need to learn any special knot skills.

When outdoors, in the woods, always try to find strong trees that are from 2 to 6 meters away and set up your hammock at 0.5 m sit height which is ideal to sit comfortably into your hammock, just like you would sit in a chair. The perfect distance is referred to as ridgeline length for which you can use cords to measure it exactly. Also, aim for hammock suspension to be at a 30-degree angle as it will allow the right amount of force. 

Make sure your hammock has a loose curve, so when you lie in it, your back will be in the right and comfortable position. Not to lie in a banana shape cause it won’t be comfortable.

Our tree straps are tree-friendly meaning they won’t allow the combined weight of you and your hammock to harm the tree bark.

With all these tips and tricks, you’ll be safe and secure when using your new hammock.