Spice up your office open space lounge

Need a visually appealing and practical solution for an office open space lounge area? Let us give you an idea how you can install hammocks in your office for your employees to hang and relax or for them to use it as a work station. 



Fabric options are polyester nylon, polyester ripstop and cotton. Starter hammock made from polyester nylon and Ripstop hammock made from polyester ripstop are great choices as they are extremely durable, easy to maintain and store. The best feature is that they come in more than 15 color variations, so you are guaranteed to find a color that will match your office.

On the other hand, cotton hammocks are the best solution for indoor spaces as they are more elegant looking and with its' nude shade can adapt to any space. Suspension system is designed in a way that will best fit your office.

Additionally, you can choose to personalize hammocks or stuff sacks to match your brand colors and logo or feature your company tagline or other motives. This also makes them a great corporate gift or part of employee seasonal gift box.



So, why Hemmens Hammocks for your office?

- Cotton hammock is elegant and breathable

- Ripstop hammock is lightweight and durable 

- Customizable with branding options

- Suspension system adapted to fit your space

- Made in Croatia


Whatever option you choose, let us know and we’ll see what we can do for you. Contact us at info@hemmenshammock.com.