The story of Hemmens Hammock

Hemmens Hammock was established in 2010 by Mario Veneti - carpenter by profession and hiker at heart. The intention was to create equipment for his own use which quickly became a full-on entrepreneurial idea as he soon realized the need on the Croatian market for easy to carry, lightweight hammocks. 

All of Hemmens products are meant for people that are spending time outdoors, whether that is hiking, camping, relaxing and so on, and want to have the most practical, durable, and easy-to-use equipment while doing so. With that said, although our products are meant for customers with active lifestyles (one might say professionals), they are so easy to use and thus ideal for beginners too. 



The essential product we offer are hammocks, whether they may be made from polyester, ripstop or cotton, the design stays the same. Material is crucial in making a distinction between products by use as well as price. Besides hammocks, Hemmens offers other outdoor equipment such as mosquito nets, tarps, backpacks and other accessories. 

The main idea behind all the products is their practicality in use and transport. That is why all the products were field-tested heavily to make sure that they endure different weather conditions and terrains. Material quality is guaranteed and backed by Hemmens, so you have no worries equipment-wise when making your next plans. 

Hemmens Hammock supports active lifestyles and communities promoting environmental sustainability. Respecting nature is integrated into brand DNA and is the core to every product that we make. Our mission is to lower our Carbon footprint and make more conscious production choices in the years to come.